Born in Valencia in 1976, he is today one of the most respected djs and prolific producers on the Spanish electronic music scene.

His relationship with music grows during his childhood by listening to a refined selection of soul, funk, disco, jazz, new wave, progressive rock and hip hop.


His vast career takes off by the end of the 80's. Recognized boy prodigy in music, he started playing records at the age of 15.


He starts producing his first house tracks in 1999. Soon his production was released in various independent labels like Odori, Alola, Future Groove/Mute (UK), Shinichi (USA), D.Press Industries (ESP), Exun (GER) or Hypnotic Music (FRA).


His music is a reference for renown djs like Laurent Garnier, John Digweed, Faithless, Satoshie Tomiie and Tony Humphries.


In 2003 he was selected by the English magazine INTERNATIONAL DJ as one of the grands. His track “Lights Off!” was selected by Valentino as the soundtrack for his catwalk in the Milan Fashion Week 2005.


In 2007 he sets up his own label LOUDEAST RECORDS, with the special collaboration of his partners Duckbeats, Mike Shannon, The Timewriter, Terry Lee Brown Jr, Garcynoise, Leandro Gámez and Wagon Cookin, focused on the release of the best deep, electronic house music, of remarkable elegance and know-how.The label ́s rooster counts now with artists like Fred Everything, Solid Gold Playaz, KiNK, Mark Broom, Frank Solano, Owain K or Silver City.


He also signep up for OM RECORDS, FREERANGE, PLASTIC CITY and PACHA RECORDINGS, for whom he has remixed Shakira, Marc Almond, Groove Armada, Fangoria,Vince Watson, and Samantha James, among others.


He directs his own radio show LOUDEAST FM, a programme that is broadcasted weekly by MEGA RADIO (Valencia), SCANNER FM (Barcelona), IBIZA SONICA FM (Ibiza) and CLUB FM (Macedonia), RADIO KLUB (France), I LOVE RADIO (Italy). It can be listened to worldwide throught the net, Tuesdays from 21.00 to 22.00 @ www.ibizasonica.com.


As a dj he is involved in a variety of styles that go from nu disco to tech house, combined with perfect skills, always determined on shaking the dancefloor.

Besides his 10 years at Sonar, he has been playing in festivals like FIB, Groove Parade and Marlboro Dance Tour.


Of renown international projection, his career as a dj has been unstopable: Row, Moog, The Loft, Electric Cafe, Otto Zutz, Discotheque (Barcelona), Danzoo, Deep (Madrid), Florida 135 (Huesca), Jockey Club, Space, Grial (Ibiza), Garito Cafe (Mallorca); and the rest of the world: AKA/The End (London), Cafe1001 (London), Sub Club (Glasgow), Scuba (Sheffield), Redlight (Paris), Micro@Cocoon (Frankfurt), HD 800 (Mannheim), Triple A (Koln), Pinzip (Munich), Pop Star Bar (Kaunas, Lituania), Propaganda, 16Tons (Moscow), Jakkata ( St.Petersburg), Mussicus Bar (Ufa, Russia), Hospital Club (Khabarovsk, East Russia), Adjara (Tblisi,Georgia), Colosseum Club (Skopje, Macedonia), and many more.








Nacho Marco ft Sais & Fabiani "Game On" LOVEMONK


Nacho Marco & Paul Hardcastle Jnr "Callisto EP" KING STREET/NITE GROOVES


Nacho Marco & Raoul Lambert "Cinnamon EP" WE PLAY HOUSE


Blacksoul, Deep Explorer)" LOUDEAST RECORDS


NAKE SHARCO (Mike Shannon & Nacho Marco) "Python Cowgirls" WASNOTWAS


"Elevator (w/Rmxs by Aqua Bassino, Garcynoise, Sendos Fuera)" MODERN ELECTRICS


"Eternal Sunshine" PACHA RECORDINGS


“The Life EP (Remix by cio)” LOUDEAST RECORDS 


“The Sweetest EP (Remix by Francois Dubois)” FREERANGE


"The Love EP (Remixes by Mike Shannon & Garcynoise)" LOUDEAST RECORDS


"Crash Test (Remixes by Dj Mass & Matt Masters)" PACHA RECORDINGS




“The Good EP (Remix by C-Rock)” LOUDEAST RECORDS


"Come To My Room EP (w/Rmxs by Solid Gold Playaz, Jake Childs, 


Blacksoul, Deep Explorer)" LOUDEAST RECORDS







As Loudeast:



"The Original EP" (ODORI, 2000)


"Sonido Profundo EP" (ODORI, 2001)


"After Dark EP" (ALOLA, 2001)


"Lights Off!" (SHINICHI, 2001/2005) (HOUSE WORKS, 2002)


"Sauna Loop" (E:MOTION / EFA, 2002)


"Sonido Profundo (Original G-Pal Remixes)" (SHINICHI, 2002)


"Redlight" (HYPNOTIC MUSIC, 2004)


"Stars" (L-MAN/EXUN RECORDS, 2005)


"Mermaid" (ODORI, 2005)


"Shadows" (D.PRESS INDUSTRIES, 2006)








"Himmel" (D.PRESS INDUSTRIES, 2004)





Original soundtrack for film:



"El Kaserón" (JUST FILMS, 2009)







Vince Watson "Bubbles (Loudeast Dirty Remix)" (ALOLA, 2002)


SGNY "In My Mind (Loudeast Remix)" (ODORI, 2002)


Dead Beat Society "Flicks Theme (Loudeast Remix)" (FUTURE GROOVE/MUTE, 2002)


Magic Vibes "Magic Vibes (Loudeast Remix)" (D.PRESS INDUSTRIES, 2002)


Fangoria "Hombres (MM Remix by Angel Molina & Nacho Marco)" (SUBTERFUGE, 2002)


G.Pal feat Anna Maria X "Ocean Of Blue (Loudeast Remix)" (SWIFT 2003)


Swimming Pool Sound "Sumergible (Loudeast Remix)" (INEVITABLE, 2004 )


Spare Time "Drive (Loudeast Remix)" (FACTOR CITY, 2004 )


Dubbyman "Icarus (Loudeast Remix)" (DEEP EXPLORER, 2004 )


Jon Georgsson "All The Way (Loudeast Remix)" (HYPNOTIC MUSIC, 2004)


DJ Grobas "That Day (Loudeast black label Remix)" (TRASHER HOME, 2004)


Spunky "All Night Long (Loudeast Remix)" (NOCTURNE, 2005)


Dual Concept "Symmery (Loudeast Remix)" (JUSTIFIED CAUSE, 2005)


Dj F.E.X "Numbers & Letters (Loudeast Remix)" (HYPNOTIC MUSIC, 2006)


IB "Live On The Main Stage (Loudeast Remix)" (MAGNOLIA/K-RECORDS, 2006) Aerobic Studio Aerobic Studio "Load Cassette (Loudeast Remix)" (AEROBIC STUDIO, 2006)


DjMass & Paul Cari "Swingers´Delight (Nacho Marco Deep Remix)" (PACHA RECORDINGS, 2007)


Richard Grey feat.Marc Almond "Tainted Love (Nacho Marco Remix)" (PACHA RECORDINGS, 2007)


Carl Kennedy feat.Roachford "Ride The Storm (Nacho Marco Remix)" (PACHA RECORDINGS, 2007)


Shakira "Las De La Intuición (Nacho Marco Remix)" (PACHA RECORDINGS, 2008)


The Timewriter "Vintage Circuits (Nacho Marco Remix)" (PLASTIC CITY, 2008)


Chubby Dubz "Drifting Away (Nacho Marco Remix)" (OM RECORDS, 2008)


Above Smoke "Outbreak (Nacho Marco Remix)" (BUCKET ROUND, 2008)


Ry Ralio Djs "Dance Out Loud (Nacho Marco Remixes)" (RY RALIO, 2008)


Terry Lee Bown Jnr "Wait (Nacho Marco Remixes)" (PLASTIC CITY, 2008)


Wagon Cookin "Fever (Nacho Marco Remix)" (APPETIZERS, 2009)


Satoshi Tomiie & Dj Yellow "Evidence (Nacho Marco Remix)" SAW RECORDINGS


Adam Jace "Zoom (Nacho Marco Remix)" ELEVATION


THM "Take Me Higher (Nacho Marco Remix)" HOT MILK


John Dalagelis "Asio (Nacho Marco Remix)" DIEB AUDIO


Andrew Grant & Lomez "Archives (Nacho Marco Remix)" BARRACA MUSIC


Pete Dafeet "Alto (Nacho Marco Remix)" LOST MY DOG


Jake Childs "Fuzzy (Nacho Marco Remix)" LOST MY DOG


Aznui "Can´t Forget (Nacho Marco Remix)" STHML AUDIO


C-Rock "Rawsen (Nacho Marco Remix)" STIR 15


Jazzy Eyewear "Tomorrow (Nacho Marco Remix)" SO SOUND







"Perceptions Of Pacha VIII" (original CD by Paul Hardcastles, remixed by Nacho Marco) (PACHA RECORDINGS, 2012)


"Beats On The Beach II" (Original CD by Mass Digital, remixed by Nacho Marco) (PACHA RECORDINGS, 2012)


"Unclubbed Percetions" (Original CD by Unclubbed, remixed by Nacho Marco) (PACHA RECORDINGS, 2011)


"Pacha VIP Vol. IV" (PACH RECORDINGS, 2010)


"A Walk Thru D.Press Mixed by Nacho Marco" (D.PRESS INDUSTRIES, 2004 )



Apariciones en recopilatorios / Appearances on compilations: 


"Chill House vol.3" (Choice 2001)


"Deep Dish Yoshiesque Two" (React 2001)


"After Midnight 01:00" (After Midnight 2001)


"Funky, Deep and Tribal.Mixed by Hernan Cattaneo" (Ministry Of Sound 2001)


"XXL Club Night: Tom Novy" (V2 2001)


"Garage City.Mixed by Bobby & Steve and DJ Spen" (Defected 2001)


"Slinky World Class" (Beechwood Music 2002)


"Believer. Mixed by AMX" (Erosmusic 2002)


"Every Thing, All Of Them, Every Year.Mixed by Omid 16B" (Alola 2002)


"Sonar 02 Compilation" (SonarMusic 2002)


"Groove Parade 02.Mixed by Dj Loe" (Florida 2002) "Privilege. Mixed by Cesar Del Rio" (Vale Music 2002)


"House Warming 02" (Comfort Zone 2002)


"Pacha Ibiza, The Winter Session. Mixed by Angel Linde" (Pacha 2002)


"Subliminal. Best Of The Year" (Subliminal 2003)


"Infinitamente Gay Vol.01" (Work Identity 2003)


"In House We Trust Vol.3" (Yoshitoshi 2003)


"24/7 Mixed by Danny Howells" (Global Underground 2003)


"Cool Sound Sessions. Mixed by Pedro Del Moral" (Metropol 2003)  


“Terry´s Cafe 8 mixed by Terry Lee Brown Jr" (Plastic City 2006)


"OM Miami 08" (OM Records 2008)


"Satoshi Tomiie Master Series" (Renaissance 2008)


"F021 Meets Club Ibiza" (Sunshine Enterprises 2009)