Chubby Dubz

Chubby Dubz are the combined force of Oliver $ and Gene Siewing. Their two paths crossed in 2004 and they discovered a shared interest in quality underground music with a specific emphasis on the deeper musical side of house.
With releases on labels such as Om Records, Appeal Music and Undertones their unique style of house is enjoying great success throughout the world as all the major heads in house music are revelling in deep house currently. The result of this is that the music of Chubby Dubz is being widely championed by everyone from Ricardo Vilalobos to Doc Martin, Luciano and Luna City Express to name a few.
Chubby Dubz background and origins combine all manor of influences as Oliver is native to Germany and Gene to the US. With this chemistry comes a fusion of minds that produces great house music with enough musical soul to have real longevity whilst still keeping the dance floors moving in the best clubs throughout the world.