Frederico Y Alvaro

Frederico Y Alvaro met in Ibiza at the Om summer residency at El Divino in 2005. They stayed in touch after but It wasn't until 2009, whenAlvaro moved to San Francisco to work for Om, that the two became good friends and started working on music together. The result is their first EP, an electronic journey oscillating somewhere through films and vivid dreams. Finding a home for the project was easy. Alvaro played the track over the phone to his old buddy Nacho Marco and It was love at first sight for a release on his Loudeast label.


As you may have guess, we are talking about Frederico Todos (aka Fred Everything) and Alvaro Veilila. The pair have released music for longer that they would care to admit. Alvaro runs his label Modern Electrics and has spent the past few years remixing everyone from Radioslave to Dirty Vegas. Fred runs his own label Lazy Days Recordings and continues his quest to release the best Deep House tracks while keeping a healthy worldwide DJ schedule.
The result is quite unique, we hope it will make you forget about everything, at least for a few minutes.