Jesus Gonsev

A dangerous and hungry mind for making awesome tracks. That's how we introduce Jesus Gonsev. Since an early age he had influences from jazz, soul, funk and has always loved the deep house sound. Jesus is the owner of Troubled Kids Records Label, a faithful reflection of his taste that combines elegant deep house with power tech house, and leads straight to the dancefloor. All of his tracks make sure of that.


His success is reflected in the amount of labels that he has released his music on. Such as House Cafe Music, Audio Therapy, Sofitone Records Miami, Stupendous Music New York, Gotta Keep Faith Records, Prog City Deep, Global Underground,Peppermint Jam,Variance,Audio TeraphyTokyo Recordings,Centric Music or Troubled Kids Records………….Jesus tracks are charted by the top DJ's of the world.


Along of this last 14 years as a DJ he has played in the most important clubs of Spain:GOA Club,Weekend Club,Super Club,Charada Club de Baile,The Room,Cubic Club,The Loft,Hotel Tabu,Garito Café Mallorca,Crea Burgos………..and in countries such as England or Germany. An exquisite musical selection and groove, characterize his sets.