Owain K

Acquiring turntables was a natural progression for Bristol born vinyl junkie Owain_K (Owain Kimber) after discovering the delights of bootleg mix-tapes and the burgeoning UK Hardcore scene in 1991.

Hailing from a musical family and encouraged to play the violin & saxophone, Owain draws on a variety of musical influences from Motown to Miles Davis via Public Enemy and The Clash. A principal he continues to express in his sets by encompassing the sounds of Chicago’s Acid House and Detroit Techno, whilst also giving a nod to dance music's roots in Disco, Electro and Funk.

A resident with South Wales' underground collective The Holodeck, Owain also makes regular appearances at Milgi Lounge, Glo Bar, Secret Garden Parties and Som Bom events, throwing the odd impromptu party of his own for good measure having played at various clubs around the U.K., Europe and Asia.